Why sustainability is important to us

As lifelong surfers and adventurers the need to foster a healthy and sustainable environment goes hand in hand with our business strategy. This is why we are committed to an achievable surf park sustainability strategy and know that surfing’s active lifestyle not only brings positivity to each of us but also to society as a whole.

Why we act responsibly

Sustainability is only possible when economic, ecological and social factors are in balance. This is why we take responsibility for our economic efficiency, corporate management, business choices and their effects on the environment and wider society. SURFTOWN takes into account all three factors of sustainability when planning and executing business decisions.

Why we have taken a pioneering role

As the first surf park in Germany, we are pioneers of a new form of theme park, and, as pioneers, we want to lead by example, inspire and set the pace of change with our ambitious project. SURFTOWN wants to motivate others to participate in sustainable development and take personal responsibility for the environment.


Strategy over response

Sustainable development is more than a collection of independent actions. With strategic planning, considered action and defined goals, we want to ensure that our wave pool sustainability strategy is successful. Thinking and acting sustainably form the fundamental structure of our corporate DNA.

How you get there makes the difference

Through cooperation and collaboration SURFTOWN wants to create value for all our partners. We can only make sustainable development happen by working together. Which is why we make sure that our stakeholders are integrated into our wave pool sustainability strategy.

Transparency and credibility

We’ve made our actions on the three components of sustainability transparent so that we can monitor, evaluate and review our strategy in real time. Harvested data is shared in an annual sustainability report, so we can celebrate successes and address areas that need improvement.



Sustainable action is made up of economic, social and ecological factors and we try to keep them all in balance to create an active process for sustainability. This not only meets current demands but also creates an environment for progress in the future.

We feel that SURFTOWN is helping to make the world a better place, where everyone can enjoy the positives of Munich surfing with a clear conscience, both today and tomorrow.

1. Make Waves

Surfers in a wave from an underwater perspective
Long-term economic value creation and sustainable corporate management

We create waves of value creation, which our stakeholders, including shareholders, the regional economy, our employees and guests can benefit from today and in the future. We rank long-term goals above short-term profit.

2. Protect Nature

Person collecting rubbish on the beach
Minimize negative impacts on the environment

We protect what we love and treat our environment and its natural resources responsibly. We are always working to identify and minimize possible negative effects on the environment.

3. Share the Stoke

Two surfers in the water high-fiving each other
Maximization of positive contributions to society

We share our passion and promote an active lifestyle and its benefits for all people. We always try to maximize the benefits for society, and strive to share the stoke with anyone and everyone who wants to get involved. We believe that everyone should enjoy the stoke.


Large buildings surrounded by trees

Nature-friendly location

  • Land that is not a conservation area
  • Already developed building land in a business park
  • Existing transport & tourism infrastructure with good connections to public transport
  • Compensation area for development of permanent grassland and green roofs
Solar panels standing in the sun on a meadow

100% renewable energy

  • Direct connection to local photovoltaic park
  • Use of your own solar panels
  • Planned use of energy storage for operation at night and in periods of little sun
  • Planned degree of self-sufficiency of min. 80 %
  • Residual electricity share from the grid to 100% green electricity
Breaking wave in the sea

Water-friendly measures

  • Circular water treatment with connection to natural water circuit
  • Innovative pool design with closed water circuit and significantly extended emptying cycle
  • Greatly reduced chlorine content compared to conventional swimming pools
  • Sanitary facilities with water-saving fittings and automatic stop function
Person operating a heater via a touch screen

Emission-free heating & cooling

  • Heating and cooling of the surf building via geothermal energy and modern heat pump
  • No heating of the surf pool
  • No use of fossil fuels
Person riding a bicycle through a park with a surfboard under his arm

Mobility concept

  • Creation of a regional surf alternative to long-distance or air travel
  • Construction of 16 e-charging stations, 68 bicycle parking spaces and integration of an e-bike station
  • Only electric vehicle fleet with 100% e-mobility from green electricity
  • Planned incentive of arrival and departure by bicycles, public transport and long-distance public transport
Three surfers in the water from a bird's eye view

Efficient wave technology

  • Wave generation adapted to actual usage
  • Efficient use of a generated wave in different surf zones
  • Patented energy recovery of each generated wave in the wave generator
  • Maintenance without emptying and refilling the basin
Person at the laptop with symbols on the topic of sustainability

Transparency & Measurability

  • Implementation of a holistic sustainability strategy and transparent communication, including resource consumption
  • Planned sustainability report after the first year of operation
  • Member of STOKE (sustainability platform for surf parks)
Two people shake hands

Regional value creation

  • Commissioning and cooperation with regional planning offices, construction companies and craft businesses
  • Creation of 70 local jobs by 2024
  • Use of regional supply chains and service providers
  • Contribution to increasing the regional leisure and tourism market
Four laughing people high-five each other in the evening atmosphere

Positive contribution to society

  • Construction of a barrier-free and inclusive leisure facility
  • Sports promotion by the first official training facility of the non-profit German Wellenreitverband e. V.
  • Involvement of a diverse feedback community in our planning
  • Planned support of non-profit projects for inclusion and youth promotion

Our next steps

Methodical structure of the sustainability strategy with defined responsibilities.

Determination of the fields of action, goals and measures with the involvement of stakeholders.

Ensuring the measurability of defined indicators through process and data management.

Presentation of our hand and footprint through an annual sustainability report.

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Feedback welcome

We are open to suggestions, feedback and criticism. Feel free to email us with your opinion and ideas.

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