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News A perfect match

O2 Telefónica is the title partner of Europe's incredible new surf park, O2 SURFTOWN MUC: “We are stoked to have O2 as a title partner as we share a similar mindset and values, and they are defined by the connections they make between people. This was a defining motivation for us from the very beginning of our facility,” states Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, founder and CEO of SURFTOWN.


A great moment

A vision becomes reality

Exclusive partnership

In surfing, every second counts, from paddling into a wave and the moment the board starts to glide to the perfect second to stand up and ride. With Tudor as our "Official Timekeeper” @ O2 SURFTOWN MUC we make sure the timing is always right.

Construction helmet with o2 SURFTOWN MUC logo

On schedule

The construction work in Hallbergmoos is progressing rapidly. The structural work will be finished by July, and then it will be time to finalize the wave pool. At this rate, we will hit our planned opening date of summer 2024. Stay up to date with our latest progress reports here and via our newsletter!

Visualisation of the wave pool and points of interest in the vicinity of o2 SURFTOWN MUC with symbols


Take a look around and get amped for your first visit to Munich Surfing.

Surfer in a wave

Nonstop dream conditions

All about our unique wave pool technology.

o2 SURFTOWN team in front of a dredger.

Surfing is our DNA

Get to know the wave pool team at O2 SURFTOWN MUC.

Image of a wave with three round sustainability symbols

Don't talk, do!

Find out about our surf park sustainability strategy.

Sieben Personen auf Surfboards im Wasser

Quickly into the lineup

Don’t waste time getting into the surf. Whether you come by bike, public transport or car, we’ve made your way into Europe’s biggest surf pool as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Interactive map of o2 SURFTOWN MUC
E-Bike station
Lying areas
Lounge area
Event areas
Surf rental
Wave Pool
Bar & Restaurant
Roof terrace
Surf Shop
Surf Academy
Kids area
Hot Tub
Outdoor Sports Areas
Way to the parking lot

Overview O2 SURFTOWN MUC at a glance

The O2 SURFTOWN MUC is much more than just a wave pool for surfers. Our onshore areas are designed to welcome surfers and non-surfers alike. The beach zone, including sunbathing area, offers plenty of space in which to chill or you could grab a drink and food at the restaurant and watch the waves. Our restaurant and unique surroundings also make O2 SURFTOWN MUC the perfect location for private parties and corporate events.

A crowd cheers at the groundbreaking ceremony for o2 SURFTOWN MUC.

The vision

The O2 SURFTOWN MUC is a unique and inclusive wave pool in Munich where guests can experience surfing in a considered and sustainable environment. From recreational athletes and surf pros to business clients and families, our facility is the perfect place to have fun, get fit and experience the true stoke and culture of surfing. Our intention at O2 SURFTOWN MUC is to make surfing accessible to everyone, sharing the positive benefits of this unique and exciting action sport. Visitors are invited to be a part of a community that shares the passion for surfing and respects the ocean, planet and fellow humans.

Visualisation of the entire wave pool of o2 SURFTOWN MUC from above

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Visualisation of a wave with surfer in the Wave Pool

The Waves Ocean-like surf conditions

Endless Surf® technology creates waves of varying heights and shapes at the push of a button, providing world-class A-frames, point breaks, air sections, longboard waves and tubes, for surfers of all levels. Advanced and professional surfers can catch waves of up to two meters on the outside, while beginners can get to grips with the basics on the two inside sections. If you don’t bring your own surf gear to the wave pool you can always get kitted out in our fully stocked rental station.

A colourful bowl is eaten.

Gastronomy Taste with style

You don’t have to surf to enjoy the amazing world foods of O2 SURFTOWN MUC modern restaurant. Our delicious menu uses regionally sourced ingredients, with mid-surfs, snacks, lunch and dinner on offer, all with great views of the wave. It’s like going on an exotic surf trip without the carbon footprint.

A group of surfers is in the water.

Surf Academy Learn to surf with the pros

If you want to learn to surf or polish up your existing skills, then the Surf Academy is the place for you. Accelerate through the learning curb with the help of our qualified surf coaches, in the safe and consistent waves of our Munich wave pool. We developed our coaching concept in partnership with PURE Surfcamps, Europe’s market leader in surf schools. Learners can either bring their own kit or get kitted out by us, and as the “official training center” for the German Surfing Association e.V. we meet the highest quality standards for surfers of all levels.

Bar chairs and tables with people in a sunset mood

Outdoor area / event location Concerts, events and beach parties

The spacious onshore leisure area around the wave pool is perfect for chilling with friends or family and for hosting private and corporate events of all sizes. For more information e-mail [email protected]

Surfboards in the surf shop

Surf shop The first surf store in Hallbergmoos

We are stoked that “Ultimate Surfing Company” Rip Curl is a leading partner of our onsite surf shop. Like all good surf shops we stock a curated range of the best wetsuits, boards and surf accessories and our very own wave pool Munich merch is also on sale.

Directions to o2 SURFTOWN MUC in Hallbergmoos

Arrival / Parking Quickly into the lineup

O2 SURFTOWN MUC is located in Hallbergmoos, north of Munich, close to the airport and with easy access whatever mode of transport you come on. Our visitors' car park is a few steps from the wave and there are plenty of bike spaces and charging stations for cyclists and e-bikers.

Our team Surfing is our DNA

The team at O2 SURFTOWN MUC shares a passion for surfing, but each person brings their own skill set to the business, including event management, media, retail, finance and law. We founded our Munich wave pool to make authentic surfing accessible to all.

The o2 SURFTOWN MUC team stands in front of an excavator.
The o2 SURFTOWN MUC logo with icons for sustainability

Sustainability Ecological & social responsibility

At O2 SURFTOWN MUC we are conscious of our corporate responsibilities and incorporate ecological and social considerations into every step of our planning. We want to make the world a better place, where people can enjoy the positive outcomes of outdoor sports with a clear conscience. We strive to balance the three factors of sustainability at all times: Long-term value creation and sustainable business management (Make Waves), minimize negative impacts on the environment (Protect Nature) and maximize positive contributions to society (Share the Stoke). Read more about our sustainability strategy and our actions to date on our sustainability page.

Jobs Drop in!

O2 SURFTOWN MUC is a unique action sports venue that exists nowhere else in Germany. Become a part of our young, dynamic team and take an active role in the realization and operation of the first surf park of its kind in Germany.

People in conference room with laptop and large screen

Feedback welcome

We are open to suggestions, feedback and criticism. Feel free to email us with your opinion and ideas.

Visualisation of people in loungers and with surfboards in front of the wave pool

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