From dawn patrols to sunset sessions experience the next best thing to ocean waves at the O₂ SURFTOWN MUC. Enjoy perfect waves tailored to your style and skills, a vibrant community of like-minded surfers, friendly lineup, and advice from our professional coaches. The consistency of our waves provides the perfect platform for a fast learning curve, while our clear water, safe surf environment and surf-focused amenities deliver the full stoke of real surfing.
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The Wave Pool at the O2 SURFTOWN MUC offers different types of waves, varying in height, length and intensity. From the absolute beginner to the pro, everyone will find the perfect wave here. The interactive map gives you a good overview of the different surf zones and the setup of our wave pool.

Surf Levels Find your wave

Our surf levels offer perfectly matching waves adapted in height, power and speed. Every session is supervised professionally by our surf coaches or lifeguards. The intensity of coaching is adapted to the specific surf level.

free surf = safety supervision by professional lifeguards

guided = support & guidance by professional surf coach

coached = full support & intense coaching by professional surf coaches


Breaking wave in the sea

Perfect waves

Nonstop. For every level.

Our Munich wave pool breaks nonstop because we don’t have to rely on the wind, swell and tide. Ride waves tailored to suit your style and skill set, with our innovative wave system delivering constant high-quality waves of all sizes and shapes.

Bird's eye view of some people with surfboard in the water

Relaxed lineup

No crowds. Waves for everyone.

Every surfer in our lineup is guaranteed a fair share of waves, taking the pressure out of wave pool surf sessions. Each session is chilled and stress-free, with clear rules in the wave pool and friendly support from our team of coaches and lifeguards.

Two surfers in the water high-fiving each other

Get Stoked

Full flow. Fun first.

There is nothing like the stoke of surfing with friends. Paddle out in our Munich wave pool for a serious adrenalin hit like no other. Join our amazing surf community, get into the flow and enjoy the stoke – wave after perfect Munich wave.

Young girl surfing a wave

Safety First

Crystal clear water. Safe surfing.

Our controlled surf environment cuts out many of the risks of open ocean surfing. We also have strict hygiene measures to keep our water clean and clear, while our trained lifeguards keep an eye out for any problems in the wave pool.

Two people load surfboards into a car


Get on Board. Share your Stoke.

Catching waves at O2 SURFTOWN MUC is an all-access pass to surfing’s unique community of adventurers. Share the stoke with your new surf family and old friends, get fit and make unique wave pool memories. And the rush doesn’t stop when you get out of the water: O2 SURFTOWN MUC onshore facilities provide the perfect spot to hang out with surf buddies, old and new. Come share the stoke.

Surfer doing a trick on a wave

Training & Progression

Fast learning curve. Extensive coaching.

Our tiered system of waves and modern coaching methods help you build your board skills quickly and efficiently, making the pathway from first paddle out to riding barrels as easy as possible. We also offer dry-land training to improve your fitness, strength and mobility, as well as surf theory and video coaching to improve your wave pool skills. Wherever you’re at in your surf journey O2 SURFTOWN MUC helps you take it to the next level.

Person runs into the water with surfboard

Easy Access

Simple to get to. Simply to surf.
The waves at O2 SURFTOWN MUC break day and night, all year round, so it is easy to plan your surf sessions around the daily grind. Everything you need to get on board is on site, from changing rooms, showers and lockers to a warm-up area, surf store and fully stocked rental station.

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More than just surfing

Post surf. Chill & party.

How about a post surf chill on loungers or in the hot tub with views of the waves? You can also reboot in our cool on-site restaurant or toast your session with friends and family. We also have professional video and photo services so you can take your best bails and Munich surf cutbacks home.

Breaking wave in the sea


Green waves. A clear conscience.

As surfers the future of our sport is intrinsically connected to environmental preservation. When you surf at O2 SURFTOWN MUC you eliminate the impact of long-distance travel and can surf our CO₂ neutral waves guilt-free. Find out more about our holistic surf park sustainability strategy here.


Deep blue wave

Our Endless Surf wave technology uses the same ingredients for our waves as the ocean: air pressure generated by solar energy is transferred to the water and creates waves. Using modern software, we control 34 pneumatic wave chambers with pinpoint accuracy. In this way, a wide variety of sections can be composed into a perfect wave. The result: maximum flexibility and wave variety for every skill level.


Two surfers in the water

We can control the height, length, and intensity of every one of our Munich waves to match all skill levels. Our top end sessions including 18-second point break waves and peaks up to two meters. It doesn't matter whether you surf a shortboard, fish or longboard, at O2 SURFTOWN MUC you’ll find the perfect wave for your style and ability. From easy beginner waves with gentle take-offs to heavy barrels and air sections, we make the perfect wave pool waves for all surfers.

Jobs Drop in!

O2 SURFTOWN MUC is a unique action sports venue that exists nowhere else in Germany. Become a part of our young, dynamic team and take an active role in the realization and operation of the first surf park of its kind in Germany.

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Feedback welcome

We are open to suggestions, feedback and criticism. Feel free to email us with your opinion and ideas.

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