We offer special children's surf courses for kids from the age of six. Here, professionally trained surf instructors teach children how to surf in a fun way. Children must be able to swim (at least 25 meters) to participate.

For a regular surfing experience we recommend our session packages. The O2 SURFTOWN MUC Membership gives you exclusive access to the cheapest session packages, which include 50 or 25 surf sessions. Not only can you surf for less, but you also receive a whole host of other benefits and discounts. Annual passes are not available.

You can book your surf sessions online using our booking calendar. It will be available two weeks before our pre-opening. Select the surf level, day and time you wish to surf and then drop in.

The official opening of the O2 SURFTOWN MUC will take place in early summer 2024. The final date still depends on the progress of construction - as soon as there is news on this, it will be published here.

A limited number of presale packages (50, 25, 10 surf sessions) are available at an exclusive presale price. The packages will be sold while supplies last.

Wetsuits and softboards will be available for rental during the pre-opening. A full range of rental equipment will be available at the official opening.

The surf sessions purchased in the presale packages can be used from the pre-opening. The booking calendar will be activated two weeks before the pre-opening.

The surf sessions included in the presale packages can be used at the peak in A-frame mode and in the beginner zone.

You can redeem the surf sessions included in your presale package until the end of December 2025.

During the pre-opening period, all surf areas, including the wave pool, changing rooms and restrooms will be open. However, there may still be restrictions in the surroundings of the surfing area (e.g. rental) during the pre-opening.

The surf sessions purchased in the presale packages can only be used by you. However, you are welcome to purchase presale packages for friends or family. At the time of purchase, you can specify who you would like to use the package.

Our beginner and progressive lessons always include intensive coaching from our professional surf coaches. In the Intermediate and Advanced levels, a surf coach will support you and give you valuable tips for your optimal session. In the Expert and Pro levels, qualified lifeguards ensure your safety and are available to answer any questions you may have. There will also be special coaching programmes for the higher levels up to high performance coaching.

General questions

Your surf session in the wave pool lasts 60 minutes, during which you will paddle at least twelve waves. Depending on your surfing level and experience, each surf session also includes a detailed briefing and de-brief. Our beginner lesson, for example, lasts just under two hours.

The restaurant, bar and terrace are freely accessible. Enjoy our modern gastronomy, with its extensive range of international dishes, without buying an entry ticket. Plus, you get front row seats to the surf action for a true holiday feel.

You can surf at the O2 SURFTOWN MUC seven days a week. Daily opening hours vary depending on the season. Summer opening hours are planned to be from 7am in the morning to 10pm in the evening.

For environmental reasons, we do not heat the pool. For the best surf experience, even in the coldest months, we have the best Rip Curl wetsuits and neoprene accessories in our courses to rent. After your session, you can also relax in our hot tub.

O2 SURFTOWN MUC is located in Hallbergmoos, in  north Munich, close to the airport and accessible by road, rail, bike and on foot.

You can surf at O2 SURFTOWN MUC all year round. However, there may be weather-related closures in winter.

In order to guarantee the best and safest surfing experience for all surfers, swimming or bathing in the wave pool is not permitted. We can allow children to play in the waves with a bodyboard during selected and supervised times.

For environmental reasons, we do not heat the pool, so the water temperature varies depending on the season. In summer we expect the water temperature to be around 24 degrees and in winter the water temperature can be in the single digits. In order to provide you with the best surf experience, even in the colder months, we have the best Rip Curl wetsuits and accessories in various thicknesses for rent during our courses and in our surf shop.

The official opening of the O2 SURFTOWN MUC will take place in early summer 2024. The final date still depends on the progress of construction - as soon as there is news on this, it will be published here.

Our restaurant, bar and terrace, with the best view of the surf action, are accessible to all visitors for free.

At O2 SURFTOWN MUC, you can surf any surfboard you like. From shortboards to longboards, we offer suitable waves for every style and level of surfing. In our surf rental you also have the opportunity to test high-quality and surfboards of all shapes and sizes. Our beginner lessons include learner-friendly softboards.

Surfing is an outdoor sport and can take place in any weather. However, in extreme weather situations, like thunderstorms or frost, surfing may be suspended for safety reasons.

In our wave pool, surfing takes place in up to four different zones at the same time. There is a maximum of 16 surfers per surf zone. Due to the limited number of surfers per zone, you are guaranteed a minimum of twelve wave attempts and a relaxed lineup.

If you want to experience our wave pool with your friends, colleagues, your club or other like-minded people, you can book our wave pool or individual surf zones exclusively. Simply contact us at: [email protected].

Yes, elevators are available to make all areas of the O2 SURFTOWN MUC barrier-free accessible.

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O2 SURFTOWN MUC is a unique action sports venue that exists nowhere else in Germany. Become a part of our young, dynamic team and take an active role in the realization and operation of the first surf park of its kind in Germany.

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